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In a historic move of unity in the pro-life movement, four national pro-life organizations united in 2020 to harness the passion of the most dedicated among those who pilgrimage to Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life, challenging them to dive deeper and return to their communities with a new vision and tools to radically change the political and cultural landscape.

It was a huge success that brought the generations together under one banner, one National Pro-Life Summit, combining the momentum of the Students for Life National Conference that had been building over the last 11 years with the expertise of like-minded national pro-life organizations. This one-day event was a game changer and exactly what our movement needed to prepare for a post-Roe America.

We hope you can join us again in 2022 for the annual National Pro-Life Summit the day after the March for Life. It’s an amazing way to start your pro-life year off right. Our roster of speakers are experts in the pro-life movement and they can't wait to share their wisdom with you and 1,999 of your closest friends.

National Pro-Life Summit

2022 Theme

Confirm your commitment to being All in for Life by registering for the 2022 National Pro-Life Summit!

The theme for the 2022 National Pro-Life Summit is All in for Life! The Pro-Life Generation convened in 2020 for the first-ever National Pro-Life Summit and we had tremendous success, training over 3,000 young activists to fight for Life. But when we meet again in January 2022, our political and social environment couldn’t be more different.

The difficult reality is that the abortion extremism embraced by this new administration means a federal push for increased access to and funding of abortion. That pro-life gains in regulations and laws will be eliminated. And the abortion industry will use this time to try to curb our progress and make strides of their own. However…

The Pro-Life Generation won’t let that happen. We are All in for Life, with full knowledge of what that means. It means conquering our fears and having hard conversations. It means sacrificing free time to do pro-life work. It means giving of ourselves in every way we can to end the injustice of abortion.


Our Workshops


The workshops at The National Pro-Life Summit are geared to help you engage in each area of the pro-life movement. Through our Workshop Tracks, you will be able to customize your experience to give you new tools and ideas to bring home to your community but also to challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and extend your pro-life outreach to new areas.

All workshops will be marked to make it clear which are geared more towards young people or adults. All registered attendees will also be able to download an app before the Summit so that you can create a personal schedule in advance of the event.

2022 Summit

Why Attend?

The National Pro-Life Summit is a one-day event that provides education, training, and networking opportunities with pro-life activists from across America.

  • Grow and be challenged in your personal calling for Life
  • Get energized in your battle to protect the preborn and their mothers
  • Learn how to be more effective with engaging in culture
  • Strategize with other pro-life leaders from communities across the nation
  • Hear from and meet national pro-life speakers and heroes

The National Pro-Life Summit